Sunshine is a recommended character by YoFace that appeared when Notebook complained about the sun.

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Sunshine is a yellow dwarf sun, or a G2 Sun that is based of our sun. Sunshine also has sun rays all around him with a face(the only non-animated character without a face).

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Sunshine is an unknown personality. The only known personality he has is that he gets agitated when people complain about the sun.

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In some episodes of Emote Reality Show, he appears in the sky, not as a recommended character though, but as a sun with no face.

He also appeared in the sky, in The Musical when Notebook complained about there being too much sun.

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Notebook Edit

In The Musical, Notebook complains that there is too much sun after all the rain clouds are cleared. Sunshine ends up getting upset at this and calling Notebook ¨chump¨.

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